Daisy nice pic

Daisy was a lovely 8 month old Yorkshire Terrier that presented with progressive RH lameness. Hip pain and crepitus along with disuse atrophy of the quadriceps and gluteal musculature was noted on orthopaedic exam. VD hip radiographs found diffuse osteolysis of the R femoral head consistent with avascular necrosis of the femoral head (Perthes disease).

Daisy Pre op Xray

We discussed the treatment options with Daisy’s owner, which included both Femoral Head and Neck Excision (FHO) or Total Hip Replacement. Daisy’s owners were keen to restore normal function to her hip and therefore elected for THR. A cemented Biomedtrix Micro THR was implanted and post operative recovery was relatively straight forward. After 12 weeks of reduced activity, Daisy had her post operative radiographs which confirmed the bone-implant-cement interface was looking good. Happily, Daisy has now returned to full activity and enjoys running round the fields.

Daisy Johnson post op xray

24hrs post surgery:

2 weeks post surgery:

12 months post surgery:

The owners testimonial

"In 2016 we decided to buy our very first pup a Yorkshire terrier beautiful she was, But 5 months later we notice daisy limped now and then her back right  wasn't right taking her to see the local vet they did some x-rays and found piece bone had come away from daisy hip they asked me to bring back in a month to see how things had changed and what they would do next. they said when she is 7 months old they can operate, stress and upset was heart breaking she was a part of our family a huge part!

The next month she went in again more X-rays Tom the vet could see how stressed I was and gave me two options one- remove hip that was crumbling and do nothing else Two- Full hip replacement,  daisy loved running in fields and I decided I wanted to give her the best chance of having the life she loved chasing her ball and we went for the full hip replacement. Tom got her in the next day, It was a difficult few months daisy caged day and night no walks but she was amazing so well behaved she knew I wanted to pick her up from the cage and not let her walk round the house, we also cornered of a area in the garden for wee's it was hard work but worth every minute. daisy is now 2 years old and she is full of beans and makes me smile every day now she runs like a whippet she so fast and I'm so lucky Tom operate he understood my fears and concerns and put my mind at rest, he kept me informed on her progress and contacted me at home to see how she was doing. "