Tom has set up Gilding Veterinary Orthopaedics to provide exceptional care to dogs and cats with orthopaedic conditions, whilst ensuring that your client receives a genuine and caring attitude to their emotional and financial needs, at an often stressful time in their life.

Tom recognises the importance of the client’s bond to your practice when it comes to developing a successful business, and as such, aims to work alongside you to look after them, ensuring that the client bond is strengthened and value is added and maintained in your business.

Gilding Veterinary Orthopaedics aims to be an extension of your clinic, providing you with a friendly, approachable, down-to-earth attitude and a stress-free integrated approach to your more challenging orthopaedic case load. Tom is also happy to have in-house discussions on cases and for vets/nurses to scrub in on cases they are particularly interested in. He is committed to fostering an easy stress-free learning environment for practices to utilise his skills. Tom is also happy to discuss cases over the phone with no obligation and will provide a free verbal radiographic reporting service with advice on case management.

Tom understands the pressure to deliver high quality veterinary care, often on a budget that the client can afford. As such, he is happy to discuss ANY case with you that you feel might benefit from his care. He will always endeavour to come to the most cost effective solution for your client so that every pet gets a chance at the best outcome they can achieve.

We offer fixed price procedures on our Orthopaedic cases to make quoting your clients quick and simple.